The Canadian Access and Privacy Association is a national non-profit organization whose goals are to promote knowledge and understanding of access and privacy laws and experiences in Canada; not only as applied to the three levels of government (federal, provincial, local) but the application to the private sector including a knowledge of the international milieu.

The association is composed of a cross section of individuals in both the public and private sectors with concerns for the effective and responsive administration of Access to Information/ Freedom of Information and Privacy laws. CAPA had its roots in the needs of federal officials involved in administering the Access to Information and Privacy legislations (ATIP). A majority of the Access and Privacy Coordinators of Federal government Ministries, Agencies and Crown Corporations are members of CAPA.

The goals of the association are achieved through an the interchange of knowledge and experiences, promoting cooperation & understanding through mutual teaching and learning in addition to presenting an informed voice for public policy development. An annual conference provides an opportunity to review the challenges in the application of laws, and further our understanding and appreciation of information practices.

CAPA holds an annual conference in the fall.